International Conference
Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Akademija, Kaunas, Lithuania, 19-21 November 2009
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60th Anniversary of Department of Mechanical Engineering

The origin of Department of Mechanical Engineering goes back to 1949 when intensive development of study subjects in material science and technologies, tolerances and technical measurements, machine repair technologies conditioned foundation of Department of Machine Repair. After establishment Department of Machine Elements at Academy in 1967 part of the staff of Department of Machine Repair moved to it. Later reorganisation in 2001 both departments merged together to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The main trends of scientific research of Department are “Increasing of tribological reliability of mechanical systems” and “Dynamical analysis of machines and development of design”.

The scientific trend “Increasing of tribological reliability of mechanical systems” got intensive development in the previous decade. In 1995 under initiative of staff members of contemporary Department of Machine Manufacturing and Service, the “Tribologija” division at Lithuanian Scientific Society (LMS) was founded. It joined Lithuanian scientists working in the field of tribology. In 1997 LMS „Tribologija” was admitted as full member of ITC. The first international scientific conference BALTTRIB‘ 99 took place in 1999.


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